• Should You Buy A Similar Business To Help Expand Your Own?

    As a successful small business owner, you undoubtedly know how difficult it is to grow without investing in new equipment or staff and the associated onboarding costs. It's little wonder that many companies take a long time to see the fruits of their investments when they try to expand in this way. Yet there may be an easier path to success, and some people will decide to buy another business as a "
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  • 2 Major Accounting Mistakes to Avoid for a Small Business

    Proper accounting and financial management are critical to a successful business. Yet the lack of appropriate accounting knowledge pushes some business owners to make mistakes that derail their growth trajectory. Although accounting errors are bound to happen occasionally, you can avoid most of them and minimise their impact by learning about these common accounting habits that could harm your bottom line. Mixing Personal and Business Finances However tempting it is, refrain from using personal finances to boost business operations.
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